2.3.5 Why was the Neutral Pipette developed?

Many, many pictures have a slight color cast, which sometimes depends on the type and quality of the film used, or even on the light conditions when the picture was taken. Aged photo paper can be even worse. These pictures nearly always get a clearly visible reddish cast when they are stored for a few years.

This can completely ruin a picture. With this tool, it is possible to set up to four "Neutral Points" in areas of the image that should be seen as a neutral gray. With just a click on a road, tree trunk, or a detail on a house, a picture can be changed so that the neutral gray looks gray again. The use of this tool can sometimes obtain surprising results, when a radiantly beautiful, much more colorful picture appears after just the first or second attempt to set the neutral point.

How Does the SilverFast MidPip Work?
The secret of this SilverFast tool is in its algorithms, which remove the "distortion" or "impure" values in the RGB colors and restore the histograms of the basic red, green, and blue colors relative to one another. But it is also possible that certain light conditions can cause multiple color casts to be present simultaneously, which can then be detected and resolved (removed) by one or two additional neutral points.

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