2.3.4 Rotating and Flipping Frames

When scanning several photos, if you want to make the most effective use of the space on the platen glass, some pictures will likely be rotated by 90 degrees. SilverFast 8 Ai Studio offers you the option of scanning originals that are turned in this manner, then rotating them and writing them to the hard drive in the correct orientation. To do this, you first have to use the upper left button in the Expert Settings to switch from pixel zoom to output rotation. This activates the three buttons under it. Next to it, there will now be a miniature view of the entire scan frame in the orientation it will have after scanning.

If the originals are rotated in the scanner, you can click the second button from the top to turn them clockwise in 90-degree steps. Click while holding down the Shift key to turn the images counterclockwise. Information on rotation is shown in the bottom left of the scan frame. The RotCW270° specification, for example, means that the image will be rotated by 270 degrees in the clockwise direction (CW) after scanning. If slides or film strips are placed with the wrong side towards the scanning unit, SilverFast 8 Ai Studio can also flip the scan frame horizontally or vertically. In the scan frame, this is shown with FlipH or FlipV in the lower left corner.

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