2.3.18 Why was the Purely software-based Dust and Scratch Removal Tool developed?

When working with pictures, particularly slides and negatives, it's virtually impossible to avoid defects like dust and scratches from being unpleasantly noticeable, especially after scanning, since scanning enlarges these defects. The SRDx tool can be used during the scanning process itself. A number of different adjustment options with simultaneous visual control permits the user to correct any image defects reliably, without destroying valuable image details.

How Does the SRDx Dust and Scratch Removal Tool Work?
It is often difficult for software to differentiate automatically between actual image defects and details that should be retained. SRDx provides the user with a mask tool that can be used to delineate the parts of the image where defects are located. All areas outside the masks remain unaffected by the correction process.

Sliders determine the sensitivity with which the length and thickness of scratches will be detected, and even whether black or white scratches should be detected. A preview window shows identified defects marked in red and updates after a change to any setting, so the user retains full control at all times.

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