2.3.11 Why was Intelligent Image Auto Adjust developed?

The Image Auto Adjust function is one of the most useful SilverFast tools. Just a click of the mouse is enough to optimize the image automatically in terms of highlights, shadows, and midtones. Even color casts are removed automatically. This easy-to-use image correction can be seen as a good basic optimization in preparation for all further processing steps.

How Does Intelligent Image Auto Adjust Work?
SilverFast image Auto Adjust can be adjusted to the current image type or to special exposure conditions before application.

A selection list offers a series of selection options, such as landscape, portrait, evening, and snow. If possible, a photo that was taken at sunset should keep as much of the reddish color cast resulting from the long-waved sunlight as it can. But highlights, shadows, and midtones should still be optimized. Once the right image Auto Adjust has been selected and executed by clicking it, then based on that optimization the user can go on to do fine-tuning using the histogram and gradation curve.

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