2.2.4 Example Use of the WorkflowPilot

The following sequence of illustrations shows how the WorkflowPilot is used to scan a printed original with the task setting "Edit". After the WorflowPilot has been started by clicking the Start button, SilverFast first does a prescan to be used to adjust the scan frame. After selecting the output format for the finished scan, the image automation is performed. This automation adjusts the highlights, midtones, and shadows of the image. The next two tools, the histogram and gradation, can then check and refine the settings of the automation. The wizard dialog for the histogram also provides the opportunity to correct a color cast in the image automatically. By default, a value of 0 % is entered, but a setting of 100 % is suitable for most images with a color cast. Next, auto-adaptive contrast optimization (AACO) is applied. We've reduced the preset strength in the example image to a value of 20 so the image won't be too pale. In the Selective Color Correction that follows, it's a good idea with old photos like this to use the image automatic for Adaptive Color Repair (ACR button). It generally provides results that only require a little rework.

The Grain and Noise Elimination (GANE) tool, derastering, and Smart Removal of Dust (SRD) should be omitted in this case. To do this, just close the tool windows. A tool whose window has been closed is deactivated and will not be used on the scanned image.

Before scanning, the last tool remaining is Unsharp Masking (USM) to increase the impression of sharpness in the image. After a file name and storage path have been specified, the actual scan and use of the filter settings can begin. The WorkflowPilot has come to an end, and the scanned image is available on the hard drive.

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