2.2.1 Scanning with the WorkflowPilot

Beginners to the scanning world in particular will find the WorkflowPilot a great help in using the tools available in the right manner and in the right order. The WorkflowPilot puts together the ideal typical workflow for the way the scanned images will later be used, starting from the functions and tools needed. Users always have the option to check the automatic results of the individual SilverFast tools step by step, make changes, or even eliminate the use of a tool entirely if necessary. The decision to do so depends on the quality and the motif of the original – not every tool is equally suitable for every motif. The WorkflowPilot gives the user the opportunity to evaluate this himself in each specific case – the user has full control over his own scans, and the WorkflowPilot simply supports him with suggestions for suitable tools and filters.

The WorkflowPilot can be found at the top left of the program window. When SilverFast is launched, the WorkflowPilot is initially deactivated, which is indicated by the red color of the icon. Clicking the icon starts the WorkflowPilot – its color then changes to blue.

The workflow for scanning printed originals always starts by selecting "Photo" as the source. The task of the scan is then selected. The task – the planned use of the scanned image – influences which tools and settings the WorkflowPilot will use in the post-processing of the image.

With the task setting "Edit", the selection of filters and tools is designed in a way that no third-party programs will be needed after the scan. All the significant steps of image processing are carried out in SilverFast. Other task settings get by with a smaller number of tools.

The WorkflowPilot especially supports the user by only offering the tools that are really needed for a given task. SilverFast hides anything you don't need, so you're not distracted from what you're doing. In the task setting "Archive" shown above, for example, only three steps are needed before the actual scanning of the image – after all, the image will only be stored in the archive, and more sophisticated image processing will be done later.

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