2 Practice: Scanning Photographs

An extensive archive of pictures exposed on paper can easily be digitalized with SilverFast 8 and a flatbed scanner, and any image defects removed in the same process. The owners of boxes and albums full of old black-and-white pictures, snapshots from childhood, of parents and grandparents, class reunions, confirmation, and so on, can have them refreshed and in digital form. Then there's nothing to stop them from doing more image processing, archival, and so on afterwards. SilverFast 8 offers not only the right tool for this task, it can also carry out the complex scanning process and subsequent image processing quickly and easily.

Old photos in particular present some challenges for digital preparation. Frequent use, aged photo paper, creases in the paper, scratches on the surface, and color changes such as the frequently occurring red fog may give these pictures that vintage look – a certain appearance of having aged gracefully – but this is often no longer desirable in a scanned version of the picture. SilverFast 8 gives users a number of powerful tools that can be used to digitalize these kind of aged originals while simultaneously correcting them.

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