Software is end of life
Dear Customer,
The link you just clicked refers to a software which is no longer supported. For this software, development and sales have been discontinued.

Discontinued Software:
  • SilverFast DC SE / VLT / Pro / Pro Studio – Software for digital cameras
  • SilverFast PrinTao 6 – Software for printers

Are you looking for information on other LaserSoft Imaging software?
Scanner software SilverFast SE / Ai and Archive Suite as well as IT8-Calibration

64Bit HDR software SilverFast HDR / HDR Studio

Printer software PrinTao 8 for Epson and Canon Large Format Printers

The following links may also help:

sf_icon_me_100x80 IMPROVED: SilverFast Multi-Exposure
Using SilverFast's patented Multi-Exposure the original gets scanned two times, but each time with a different exposure value. From these two scans SilverFast then calculates the final high quality HDR-Scan. This technique increases the scanner's effective Dynamic Range (contrast spread) considerably, saving details especially in the highlight and shadow areas of the image. The EDP (European Digital Press Association) awarded LaserSoft Imaging's Multi-Exposure in 2008.
More about SilverFast Multi-Exposure you can find out here ...

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