Software is end of life
Dear Customer,
The link you just clicked refers to a software which is no longer supported. For this software, development and sales have been discontinued.

Discontinued Software:
  • SilverFast DC SE / VLT / Pro / Pro Studio – Software for digital cameras
  • SilverFast PrinTao 6 – Software for printers

Are you looking for information on other LaserSoft Imaging software?
Scanner software SilverFast SE / Ai and Archive Suite as well as IT8-Calibration

64Bit HDR software SilverFast HDR / HDR Studio

Printer software PrinTao 8 for Epson and Canon Large Format Printers

The following links may also help:

sf_icon_kodachrome_100x80 IMPROVED: The SilverFast Kodachrome Workflow
Kodachrome slides are very challenging to scan - but not with SilverFast.
The usual blue cast is omitted by using Kodachrome ICC profiles and by calibrating the scanner with a newly developed SilverFast Kodachrome IT8 target. Multi-Exposure increases the scanner's dynamic range to prevent any details from getting lost and the improved SRD & iSRD algorithms do now also free Kodachrome slides from dust and scratches reliably.
More about the SilverFast Kodachrome workflow you can find out here ...

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