"...I am constantly amazed at how little I have to do to make my scans look just like the chromes!"
Digital Camera Targets
DC Target Large companies all around the world are using LaserSoft Imaging's IT8 targets and are very satisfied with the high quality. A conventional IT8 target is not suitable for calibrating digital cameras. Therefore, we are proud to present the uniquely developed genuine LaserSoft Imaging camera targets.

We are offering these high-quality targets independently from our SilverFast DCPro / HDR packages at very competitive prices. You can order our targets from our Online-Shop.

The following targets are available: Studio Target (17cm x 21cm) and Pocket Target (10cm x 13cm)

Individually measured targets:
Individually-measured high precision targets can also be ordered. Please feel free to contact us for prices.

Custom made targets:
LaserSoft Imaging can also offer specially designed targets (e.g. with company logo and name) per customer request. Please contact us.

Some advantages of LaserSoft Imaging's camera targets:
  • LaserSoft Imaging's calibration targets ...
  • ... were specially developed for digital camera calibration.
  • ... feature focusing aid and greycard on the back for precise whitebalance.
  • ... are more precise than other manufacturer's targets, since smaller batches get produced.
  • ... are more reasonably priced than many competitor's targets.
  • ... are especially easy to use with patented SilverFast Auto-Calibration.
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