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StoneWatch – World of Cave Painting and Petroglyphs
Cave painting is a genre of rock painting, which were applied on walls of caves or rock shelters. It is called Art pariétal. The European cave paintings date from the Upper Paleolithic, they were created by anatomically modern humans (Cro-Magnon). The world's oldest cave paintings have been found in the El Castillo Cave, they are about 40,000 years old.

A Petroglyph on the other hand is rock art crafted in stone in prehistoric times. Unlike painted rock art, Petroglyphs are pictogram and logogram images created by removing part of a rock surface by incising, picking, carving, and abrading.

The StoneWatch-ARAD-Academy is a registered society for gathering these prehistoric rock art. German photographer Josef Otto works for StoneWatch collecting data. He is interested in the scientific analysis of global petroglyph and cave painting sites and their audiovisual capture as well as preparation of publications in the field of rock art.

Josef Otto: « For me, SilverFast has become one of the most important everyday tools for documentation of rock art. For example, we are using regular flatbed scanners for 1:1 scale documentation of art findings. We are as well using scanner cameras featuring really high resolution to represent the once perfect art even better for ensuing ages. Only SilverFast allows to control image quality as perfect as we want it! »


screen1 What exactly is StoneWatch?
The “StoneWatch-ARAD-Academy” society for the coverage of early prehistoric rock paintings is an association registered in Germany which was founded from a few foresighted, scientific and humanistic thinking people.

It supports the cooperation between research departments, public authorities and potential investors as well as competent institutions for the following purposes:
  • The scientific analysis of global sites of rock paintings and their audiovisual coverage as well as the production of publications with the subject “Rock paintings”
  • Development of concepts and their execution for the protection and restoration of rock paintings
  • The creation of a database that will be accessible worldwide for every person who is interested in this subject. It can be loaded free of charge from our websites.
  • Documentation, Archiving and Catalogue of global publications about rock paintings and the cooperation with similar institutions at home and abroad
A distance-learning academy for the purpose of studying rock paintings, their preservation and documentation as well as the realisation of excursions will be affiliated to the society in the foreseeable future. With the help of the latest methods of data processing and protection, the irreplaceable heritage of humankind will survive for all the time. In this way, the following generations will benefit from the work of the society, especially in the areas of education, science and cultural research.

« A society without culture looses its identity »

Cultural assets have a great symbolic and identity creating importance. The preservation, maintenance and complete protection of the complex cultural asset as well as the cultural scene are our most important tasks. Persons and companies who consider our work worth to be supported have the opportunity to be mentioned as sponsor in our publications and websites. The press will report on this and of course, the sponsor will receive a special acknowledgment.

StoneWatch | Contact, Links & Sources