Specific fields and project partners

The wide-ranging Herbar Digital project could only be accomplished through the active contribution of highly capable project partners. Here is a brief summary of project areas and participating project partners:

Technology management

LSI_Logo LSI_Verpackung
LaserSoft Imaging
LaserSoft Imaging AG from Kiel, Germany, was the Herbar Digital project partner responsible for “technology management”.
LaserSoft Imaging was founded in 1996 and is internationally known as the industry standard for digital image processing. Their multiple award-winning products SilverFast Ai Studio (scanning software) and SilverFast HDR Studio (for 48-bit raw data optimization and image processing), comprised the digital backbone of the project and in conjunction with the selected scanners guaranteed maximum image quality, highest efficiency and reproduction, as well as a completely color-consistent workflow.

Hardware for digitization

Kaiser kaiser_camera Kaiser_02 Kaiser_01
Kaiser Fototechnik
Kaiser Fototechnik stands for a philosophy to create lines and products that are modular so they can be easily adapted to the user's requirements and can grow with them.
Image processing and reproduction tasks have increased considerably during the digital age. Many professional users in public authorities, institutions, libraries, collections, universities and research institutes revert to camera stands, scanning cameras and professional panel lights from Kaiser Fototechnik.
Further information:, contact: Andreas Härlin

Pentacon pentacon_camera
As part of the Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH, Pentacon can look back on a long tradition in the area of photo and precision mechanics. Starting with the construction of analogue SLRs, Pentacon’s roots go back nearly 80 years. Continuous research and development have assured the company a reputation of absolute precision and quality.
Pentacon develops and produces high-resolution scanning cameras. These can be equipped with different lenses and are used mainly in advertising and repro photography, in museums or engineering companies.

Colour-consistent monitors

quato quato_monitor
Quato’s calibration-capable, color-consistent graphic and image processing monitors are an important element in assuring the visual quality of the Herbar Digital workflow.
Founded in 1987, Quatrographic Technology GmbH is one of the world’s leading producers of color-consistent monitors and workflow solutions. The monitor is at the centre of image processing workflow and supplementary input and output solutions allow generation of an optimal final result. Following this maxim, Quato has consequently developed into a competent provider of solutions for color management and color communication. From input, through visualization, to definitive output, Quato provides one-stop solutions. Therefore, Quato is much more than simply a monitor manufacturer.

Control and systems technology

isel isel_geraet
Components and systems one-stop shop
Isel supports the “Herbar Digital” project by providing linear axes, rotary indexing tables and the associated control elements, including controller software.

With 30 years experience in the field, isel now employs approximately 230 workers and deals with the development, production, sales and service of components and systems, total solutions for automation, and CNC machines. Sales and service are provided world-wide.

Four areas are offered:
  1. Mechanics: aluminium profiles, working and machine tables, linear guides, linear units with ballscrew spindle, timing belt feed-axis and direct drives, rotary units and lifting units.
  2. Electronics: controller technology with CAN-CNC control, SPS- and CNC- controller and CNC operation terminals. This area is complemented by a comprehensive program of stepping and servo motors, linear motors and torque motors.
  3. Software: drivers, interpreter software, CAD/CAM software
  4. Systems: multi-axis CNC base units and machines, including controllers for nearly all applications in the different areas.


Delmia_Logo DVD-Delmia
Delmia software allows the scanner workplace to be optimally laid out for series production.

Delmia is the Dassault Systèmes’ brand for digital manufacturing solutions, based on two unique software applications to optimize production processes. Delmia automation enables companies to virtually design, test and validate the control of a machine, a working cell, or the entire production line. Delmia PLM delivers process and resource potential, in order to create, adjust and test continuous manufacturing processes of products over the entire production life cycle. Delmia supports all sectors for which the improvement of production processes is important – such as automotive, aerospace, engineering, consumer goods, construction and shipbuilding.
More information:,

Development of automation

FHH_logo FHH_grafik
University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover, Germany
The University of Applied Sciences and Arts has taken over the development of automation for Herbar Digital.
Following comprehensive research into potential automation solutions, project planning, construction and assembly of a first rotary indexing table was initiated.
A simple dialogue had to be developed in order to guarantee that the rotary indexing table could be controlled to turn through 180°.
Loading and unloading of the rotary indexing table requires dexterity from the workers. At the same time, there is a requirement to maximise turnover per hour. With a software solution, the entire workplace, complete with a human model, is virtually reproduced in the PC. Different 3D-scenarios can be simulated and viewed on the monitor, in order to arrive at an optimal and ergonomic lay-out of this automation solution.