Original Kodachrome IT8 calibration targets now manufactured by LaserSoft Imaging

Kiel, Germany, 2008-12-17 - LaserSoft Imaging has now added the original Kodachrome IT8 calibration target to its list of products - it is now available for purchase in the online shop. This IT8 target is a requirement for a successful IT8 calibration in order to be able to properly scan Kodachrome slides.

Without the new special Kodachrome IT8 targets, all scanned Kodachromes have a blue color cast. The new specialized IT8 targets now allow the calibration of Kodachromes, thus removing this color cast easily and effectively.

LaserSoft Imaging has been manufacturing IT8 targets for several years now. Since all targets are made in small batches they are very precise.

LaserSoft Imaging offers a 25% discount on ALL IT8 targets until the end of this year.

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SilverFast® now with special release for Canon Scanner

Kiel, Germany, 2008-12-03 - LaserSoft Imaging® releases SilverFast® 6.6.0r4, a powerful update for Canon Scanner users. The new release features a significant quality boost while delivering much faster scans. In contrast to the Canon's own software, SilverFast® comes with famous highlights such as SilverFast Multi-Exposure®, special Kodachrome profiles and Multi-Processor capability. Outstanding productivity comes from the implementation of SilverFast's iSRD® for optimum infrared-based dust and scratch removal.

SilverFast Multi-Exposure® increases dynamic range of Canon scanners significantly. This means more image details and less noise in scans. Independent research has shown that by using SilverFast Multi-Exposure® the number of grayscales that the scanner can differentiate increases from 776 up to 4,169 (Canon 8600F).
SilverFast iSRD® is the perfect dust and scratch remover. iSRD® can work fully automatic but is also fully user adjustable regarding its strength and effect.
Special Kodachrome profiles for Canon Scanner help to scan Kodachrome slides with brilliant colors and maximum dynamic range.
The new SilverFast release for Canon scanner reduces the effective time for scans with dust and scratch removal function dramatically. This is achieved by fully using the power of Duo- and Multi-Core processors and optimum workflows.

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LaserSoft Imaging Now Offers a Unique Archiving Solution - Optimized Archiving Solution with SilverFast Archive Suite

Kiel, Germany, 2008-10-28 - LaserSoft Imaging presents a unique solution for fast and easy archiving of slides, negatives and reflective originals. With the new SilverFast Archive Suite you get a bundle of two programs: SilverFast Ai IT8 Studio and SilverFast HDR Studio. Since both of them are equipped with optimized functions you will enjoy maximum processing speed as well as an efficient workflow. An integrated Color Management System which meets professional standards completes the convincing package.
  • Having lossless with the incorporated 48Bit HDR concept (JPEG 2000)
  • Consistent colors with integrated and patented Auto IT8 Calibration
  • Predictable brightness and color with the advantage of Gamma-Synchronization
  • Increase of dynamic range with SilverFast Multi-Exposure
  • Dramatically speed up the process of loading large image files with the unique HiRePP process
  • Automatic frame detection to identify images quickly
  • Tutorial-Movies that individually show and explain with QuickTime Movies for each function of SilverFast The SilverFast Archive Suite will enable you to perform all necessary steps for a professional and ossless digital backup from your treasured collection, which took years or even decades to establish, by yourself, without letting it out of your hands.
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Kodachrome-profiles with the highest possible density for more scanners - without any blue-cast and without any dust or scratches!

By implementing more Kodachrome ICC-profiles into SilverFast Version 6.6.0r3, most Canon, Epson,Hewlett-Packard, Microtek, Minolta and Reflecta's scanners are now able to scan Kodachrome-slides with the highest possible dynamic range - automatically IT8 calibrated and free of dust and scratches.

Nikon Filmscanner now Macintosh Leopard compatible - with SilverFast

Kiel, Germany, 2008-05-20 - The new version 6.6 of SilverFast's scan software now fully supports the current Mac OS 10.5, Leopard.
Apart from supporting 35mm film scanners Coolscan IV and V ED, Super Coolscan 2000, 4000 ED and 5000 ED, now also the medium format scanners LS-8000 and LS-9000 are fully supported under Mac 10.5 - IntelMacs included!
Nikon announced that they will not be adapting their own NikonScan software to Mac OS 10.5.
The new software implementation carries SilverFast's infrared based iSRD function supplying efficient Dust and Scratch removal with the advantage of sharper image details.
Contrary to other dust and scratch removal methods, SilverFast's iSRD is primarily designed to preserve picture details by avoiding image smoothing. Another highlight is the special support for Kodachrome slides which may now use the iSRD function to efficiently remove dust and scratches. By means of SilverFast's patented Multi-Exposure feature the dynamic range of the images may be greatly increased. Since SilverFast's Multi-Exposure is able to obtain a density of 4,2D the full dynamic range of Kodachromes (up to 3.8D) can be captured - without SilverFast's Multi-Exposure, the LS-5000 generally reaches a dynamic range of about only 3,3D.
Regarding the LS5000, SilverFast Multi-Exposure increases the number shades that can be captured from 3388 to an incredible 17378 shades, based on the ISO Norm 21550 standard.
SilverFast 6.6 is available at LaserSoft Imaging's web shop as well as at selected resellers.