SilverFast Scanner-Software - List of supported scanners


SilverFast® supports all important models of the major scanner manufacturers. We individually adjust our SilverFast scanner software to all top devices, that beginners and professionals use to digitize their images, in order to achieve the best possible quality. For being able to constantly meet the challenge of developing the best scanner software in the world, all models that we support have to be on site physically. For this reason, more than 330 different scanner models are located at LaserSoft Imaging headquarters - more than anywhere else in the world!

This also applies for the high-end Heidelberg drum scanners, which are still serving as the reference devices in the field of scanning. LaserSoft Imaging has developed a special high-end scanning software for this top scanners to run them under current operating systems. We use the knowledge and expertise gained in this area for continually developing our scanner software SilverFast to fit your and your special scanner model‘s needs - similar to the Formula 1 in the automotive sector, where engineers take over technologies from the top sport to the production of serial models, for being at the forefront regarding quality.

Furthermore, as the only company in the world we can ensure a reliable customer support for our scanner software, due to the fact of having opportunity to act out all the situations and problems our customers may come across on their respective systems. For this reason only SilverFast scanner software is already included in many major manufacturers‘ packages.

Please select your scanner‘s manufacturer from the following to get to the product page for your scanner. On this site you can check compatibility of our scan software for your scanner and operating system:

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BenQ (Acer)LaserSoft Imaging
(HDR, HDR Studio, PrinTao 8)
Braun PhototechnikLeafQuatographic

Epson Medical X-RAY

Microtek Medical X-RAY
Heidelberg (Linotype)MinoltaStorm
HPPacific Image Electronics