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SilverFast Easter Lottery 2017

Dear SilverFast Customer SilverFast Customer,

epson_perfection_v_850_pro Easter is coming and we have a great surprise ready for you. Easter is widely celebrated in many countries. One thing all countries have in common: Easter is a family festivity. The whole family gathers together and enjoys a great time together and many shared memories. This is also the time when we hand our photos and pictures round, when we look at them and are happy forward.

Order now and win
As a small thank you, LaserSoft Imaging raffles among all orders during the Easter holidays*
  • 3x1 35mm IT8 Target for Scanner Color Calibration with SilverFast Ai Studio (software not included)
  • 3x1 Resolution Target (USAF 1951) from LaserSoft Imaging to determine the highest usable resolution for best sharpness and clarity
No matter how you are celebrating, we wish you nice Easter holidays and, of course, good luck at the raffle.

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Logo Printer Calibration « I have one million plus, Kodachrome transparencies in my image library. The process of digitizing these images has made it clear, my most costly factor is the time it takes to remove dust and scratches. Thank god for SilverFast software.  The dust and scratch removal function within the software has been an enormous time saver. Do I endorse SilverFast software? You bet. »

Wayne Eastep, documentary photographer

Scanner Software

SilverFast is individually adjusted to each scanner model and obtains maximum quality from any device, more than any manufacturer's software.

Archive Suite

The Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and image processing software for subsequent image optimization.

PrinTao 8

Finally: Printing borderless large format intuitively and easily. Automatic color management and use of paper profiles. For Epson and Canon on OS X.

With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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