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SRDx dust and scratch removal – now available as plug-in to your Photoshop workflow

SRDx_buy_20_en Dear SilverFast Customer SilverFast Customer,

When digitizing images with a scanner it is possible that dust and scratches from the analog original appear in the digital image. Such defects are usually quite difficult to remove.

Logo_SRDx_Plug-in The SRDx – Smart Removal of Defects plug-in thus is the ideal expansion for users who process their images in Photoshop. From now on, you can profit from the fantastic dust and scratch removal function SRDx that you know already from within your SilverFast software, in form of a Photoshop plug-in. It's available in Photoshop in the professional version with defect marker.



SRDx is seamlessly integrated with your accustomed workflow while complementing Photoshop´s already existing correction stamp tool by a function that uses a highly adjustable detection to remove defects efficiently and without blur effects. All about our SRDx Plug-in

The SRDx Plug-in is available for Mac OS X and Adobe Photoshop CC. Until the end of the year you will receive the plug-in for a one-time special price of just 20,- (instead of 99,-), if you use the nearby "Buy button".

George Schaub « What makes the new SRDx tool so attractive is that it brings a very effective method of cleanup to those who do not have scanners with Digital Ice or its equivalent (many of which require a hardware/software combination) and especially for black-and-whites and Kodachromes, which Digital Ice cannot handle.

In using the software, I found the fine tuning impressive. It eliminates the flaws that auto-correct (thus overdone) cleanup protocols often render. Another bonus is that the tool also works with print scans, which I believe will be a boon for retouchers as well as those who want to delve into the family archives. »

George Schaub, Shutterbug Editor

Scanner Software

SilverFast is individually adjusted to each scanner model and obtains maximum quality from any device, more than any manufacturer's software.

Archive Suite

The Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and image processing software for subsequent image optimization.

PrinTao 8

Finally: Printing borderless large format intuitively and easily. Automatic color management and use of paper profiles. For Epson and Canon on OS X.

With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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