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Dear SilverFast User SilverFast Customer,

Do you really know all the benefits of the Archive Suite RAW Data Concept?

Film strips, slides, photos … studies have proved, that the emulsion of your images suffers and begins to gradually degrade over time. Your precious memories will fall victim to chemical dissolution processes and start to fade. The solution is obvious: your images need to be digitized, your memories preserved. Now a question arises:

How do I correctly digitize my images?

You're not sure how to approach this digitization process?
You're also afraid of scanning your images incorrectly, so you would end up having to start all over? This does not have to be the case!

Start today to work more efficiently and safely. Check out our Movie or learn more about our RAW data concept on our website. This will help you understand why 64bit files are best for archiving images.

SilverFast 8.8 is available for a multitude of scanners. Check availability here or simply choose one of our complete solutions consisting of scanner and software.

Purchase SilverFast Archive Suite 8.8 with discount now:

Purchase SilverFast All-in-One Scanner with discount now:


If scanning is not important to you or if you generally work with digital images, then our new SilverFast HDR Studio 8 software may be just right for you. Just click here.

The RAW data concept button_watch_movie_en

The "PC Magazin" about SilverFast Archive Suite:

« Using the SilverFast 64bit HDRi feature, digital images of slides and negatives suitable for archiving can be achieved without any expert knowledge. … »


New for the SilverFast Archive Suite: The Clone-Tool

Logo_CloneTool_SF8_100x80 Your photos, film strips and slides are suffering from the fact that colors fade or the chemical composition of film emulsion changes over time. In addition, dust, minor scratches and other damage are hard to avoid. Fingerprints, strong scratches and severe damage can ruin the overall impression of your favorite images and memories. They cannot be corrected by tools for dust and scratch removal.


Learn more about how to remove such unpleasant defects quickly and efficiently. You will be surprised how easy it is to correct major defects on your favorite images: SilverFast Clone-Tool Website

Scanner Software

SilverFast is individually adjusted to each scanner model and obtains maximum quality from any device, more than any manufacturer's software.

Archive Suite

The Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and image processing software for subsequent image optimization.

PrinTao 8

Finally: Printing borderless large format intuitively and easily. Automatic color management and use of paper profiles. For Epson and Canon on OS X.

With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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