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Zitat Manfred Poisel

The new Printer Calibration for SilverFast 8.5

Dear SilverFast Customer,


Movie: Printer Calibration

The preservation of photos, slides and films is important to you? Chose SilverFast to safely digitize and archive your priceless memories of the past. Now, we introduce our latest tool, the new SilverFast 8 Printer Calibration, which empowers you to print your memories in high quality while at home. As a result, your images won't disappear in your hard-drive, but instead be framed on the wall at home, at work or be displayed at the next family party.

Thanks to the new SilverFast 8 Printer Calibration, you now have access to professional-grade-capabilities, allowing the creation of brilliant photos from the ease of your home. SilverFast is able to create an individual profile for every printer, ink and paper combination. The Printer Calibration helps to always bring out the maximum quality of your originals.

Avoiding the inexplicable high costs of expensive hardware, SilverFast's new Printer Calibration utilizes an existing scanner as a measuring instrument. Subsequently, the recommended Priter Calibration selling price lies under EUR 100.

Requirements for SilverFast's Printer Calibration
  • SilverFast Ai Studio 8.5 or Archive Suite 8.5 for
  • a supported flatbed scanner
  • IT8 Target for Scanner Calibration
  • Inkjet Printer with disengageable Color Management

Be sure to check if you are eligible for an exclusive Upgrade by clicking on the following link.

Unique customization

Since color is a subjective perception, SilverFast offers the option of editing the generated profile according to the user’s desires. This inherently complex task of color space adaptation is very easy to handle.

Based on the generated ICC profile a new target is printed, in which the user can select the most neutral tonal values according to his perception. After this, SilverFast computes a personal user profile and saves it.

Zitat 2

The Process of Printer Calibration

printer_calibration_chart_en As a starting point, the scanner will automatically calibrate using the patented IT8-Calibration. Afterwards, the user prints a full Gamut Printing Profile Target with over 1,000 tonal values. Once this profile target has been scanned, SilverFast will automatically generate an ICC-Profile for the selected printer, ink and paper combination, and then store them in the system color register. This way it is guaranteed that your printer takes advantage of the the entire array of colors at all times.

From scan to print, the "Zero Mistake" Workflow ensures complete control of the color settings. Regardless if professional photographer with a fine art printer or amateur, the user will easily reach optimized high quality results.


With the SilverFast Archive Suite 8 and the optional Printer Calibration, you as the user are provided with all the necessary tools to transform an analog picture into a perfect print-out.

  • The SilverFast Archive Suite 8.5 includes

  • Scan-Software SilverFast Ai Studio 8 with Scanner-Calibration
  • Printer Calibration (now optionally available)
  • Image Processing and Management Functionalities
  • Integrated Print Software PrinTao

Until June 14th you will receive a 20% Special Discount. Just enter your personal Coupon Code « H54XT92K » during the order process in our Online Store.


Link to the Printer Calibration Website

With the release of version 8.5, the SilverFast System Requirements have been changed, 32 bit operating system support has been discontinued.

Logo Printer Calibration « With the new Printer-Calibration, the colors are truly alive – absolutely amazing. It was hard to imagine that the Printer-Calibration would make such a serious difference. Now my Epson Stylus Pro 7600 prints perfectly! »

Heiko Vogler, Industrial Design Artist

Upgrade SilverFast directly from the Software

screen_upgrade_en Starting with the latest release, you can now upgrade SilverFast 8 directly from the software. In the main menu under "Help" simply select the menu item "Upgrade SilverFast now". You will immediately get the upgrade options suiting you and your scanner without having to manually enter your serial number.

Scanner Software

SilverFast is individually adjusted to each supported scanner model and obtains maximum quality from any device, more than any manufacturer's software.

Archive Suite

The Archive Suite is a package consisting of scanner software and image processing software for subsequent image optimization.

PrinTao 8

Finally: Printing borderless large format intuitively and easily. Automatic color management and use of paper profiles. For Epson and Canon on OS X.

With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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