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Dear SilverFast User ,

Mark D. Segal, nearing six decades of photographic experience and a contributor to the Luminous-Landscape website especially on scanning and the use of SilverFast, has written a comprehensive book on scanning with SilverFast 8, which LaserSoft Imaging is pleased to host on the SilverFast website. As a principal external beta tester of SilverFast 8 from the start of external testing, Mark is well-positioned to communicate the capabilities and usage of this application in great depth.

mark_segal Mark Segal:
« This book is for anyone seeking to learn efficient workflows for maximizing image quality from scanned media.

Why a new book on scanning now? This book accompanies the introduction of SilverFast 8. Having worked with this renewed application from its beta phases through commercial release, I believe SilverFast 8 is the most comprehensive, efficient and user-friendly scanning application on the market. »

This is the first and only book since the release of SilverFast 8 showing and explaining the use of every tool and every setting in detail. It also covers the use of SilverFast HDR Studio 8 (now in its Pre-release version) and how to integrate workflows between SilverFast 8, SilverFast HDR and one or both of these with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® and Adobe Photoshop®.
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Questions about what setups and editing can or should be done where and how to implement successful colour management between them for predictable results are also covered in depth.

The book provides clear step-by-step instruction for using SilverFast 8 by itself and with the other three applications mentioned above. It shows not only the "how", but also the "why" and the "when" for creating successful scanning workflows.

PDF_iconWhat's in the book? Have a look at its index.
You may also download the content of pages 1 to 23 for free, which describe more about the book and feature differences between the three versions of SilverFast 8 (SE, SE Plus, Ai Studio).

You can order the book here in our online store.

Tip: Video Tutorial by Taz Tally
lynda An extensive SilverFast 8 video documentation is available on www.lynda.com. Taz Tally, author of the book "SilverFast - the official Guide" for SilverFast 6, has created a video tutorial with a total running time of over 5 hours. The are with costs, however for a first impression, some videos are also available free of charge.


With best wishes for brilliant pictures
Karl-Heinz Zahorsky
President & CEO
LaserSoft Imaging Inc.

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