SilverFast SE / SE Plus Color Management System (CMS)
Objectives of Color Management
A professional workflow without color management is not conceivable any more today. To save time and money it is desired to see the result of the final scan on the monitor or printer already on the preview window before scanning.

However, since every input- and output-device has its own color characteristics, one cannot assume without hesitation that the colors are the same as the original's after several processing steps.

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Color Management in SilverFast SE / SE Plus
For our entry-level version of SilverFast SE, we want it to be as easy as possible for the users to apply a proper color management. Therefore, we have reduced the functionality to the very essentials.

The internal color space is independent from any connected device, but it is also defined by a profile. This sets a basis for the color management system. SilverFast SE contains appropriate profiles for the associated scanner.

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Options in the Color Management dialog
  • Scanner (Reflective) - ColorSync profile for the reflective unit of the scanner
  • Scanner (Transparency) - ColorSync profile for the transparency unit of the scanner
  • Internal - ColorSync profile for the internal color space
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