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How can I delete the preferences to set SilverFast back to its defaults?


In order to delete the SilverFast preferences, you may want to make use of the "Service Dialogue". You call it by starting SilverFast up using the SF_Launcher. If "start automatically" is activated, the SilverFast plug-in will be started, too. Please close down the SilverFast programme while leaving the SF_Launcher opened.

Using Windows, now press the key combination: Shift+S+F and click on the "Start" button of the SF_Launcher while keeping the keys pressed. Instead of SilverFast, the "Service Dialogue" window will appear.

Using a Macintosh, please use the combination Alt+Shift+S+F instead and click on "Start" to make the "Service Dialogue" come up.


This will allow you to delete the serialisation, the preferences, or to copy the SF_Logfile to the desktop.

Alternatively, you can set back SilverFast to its default values by manually deleting them from the file system.
In order to do so, please remove the "Prefs" folder while SilverFast is not running, and check if this does improve the situation.

On a Mac OSX system, you'll find it at:
/User/your user name/Library/Preferences/LaserSoft Imaging

Running Windows, you'll go to:
/Documents and settings/your user name/Application data/LaserSoft Imaging
You might find that you need to make the system directory "Application data" visible first. To do so, please select "Tools" > "Folder options" in the Windows Explorer and set the options as follows:
# Hidden files and folders = show all files and folders

If SilverFast starts up and does not find its "Prefs" folder, it will regenerate it with safe defaults.

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