Theme: Frame deletion

What is the function of this button?


With every click on this button SilverFast deletes one scan frame from the large preview window.
If only one scan frame exists, a prompt appears asking if you agree to delete all current settings made, previews, and the current scan frame, too.

O.K. this button and SilverFast will reset all scan parameters and the preview window will turn blank.

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I drew two scan marquees on my preview, and now that my last drawn marquee is active I cannot swap back to the other marquee. How can I make the other marquee become active again?


If a (small) scan marquee is located behind another (larger) marquee, the small marquee cannot be selected untill the overlaying marquee is moved (downsized) so that the "hidden" marquee is outside the overlaying marquee.
Click once on the small marquee now and it becomes the active scan marquee.

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