Theme: Multiple sampling

What is the function of this button?


This button will enable multiple scan-passes over a given original. This helps to eliminate thermal noise in scans.

The important indication on this button is the little number in the left corner of the button. The number indicates how many times a given original should be scanned.

NOTE: multi sampling will slow-down final scans significantly, because of the multiple scan runs performed.

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I had this button in my old SilverFast 5.x software, then I installed a SilverFast update and now the multi sampling button is gone. How is this possible?


This function was active in early versions which supported your film scanner model.
Unfortunately, the mechanical film forward unit (loader) turned out to be not accurate enough to get to the exact same scan-line as in the first run of a multi-sampling scan. Therefore, this function was removed from SilverFast for those film scanner models with inaccurate film feeder units.

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