Theme: SilverFast doesn't do what I want

SilverFast did open and I could work with it, but all of a sudden (or now that I started it anew) it simply behaves odd or the quality is not as before or some dialogs seem not to operate adequately or it does not react anymore.


It often helps to reset SilverFast's settings to the state immediately after installation of SilverFast software

SilverFast on Macintosh Systems:
-- SF as Photshop module
<> ...Adobe Photoshop / Plug-ins / Import-Export / SilverFast(<>) / SilverFast / Prefs
-- SF as TWAIN module
"Preferences" folder of current system / TWAIN / SilverFast / Prefs

SilverFast on Windows Systems:
-- SF as Photoshop module
<> ...Adobe Photoshop / Plug-ins / Import-Export / SilverFast / Prefs
-- SF as TWAIN module
<> / Windows or WinNT / TWAIN_32 / LaserSoft / SilverFast / Prefs

Please follow your path down to the "Prefs" folder and delete the entire "Prefs" folder.
This will erase all saved SilverFast settings and will set your SilverFast back to the state before the first-time launch. Restart your application.

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After the scan is done, the image goes right into my host application and SilverFast quits. How can I prevent SilverFast from quitting after each scan?


This behaviour is an an indication that you either use SilverFast in Adobe Photoshop (native Photoshop plug-in) or you work with Photoshop 6 - SilverFast Plug-in and SilverFast TWAIN behave alike in Photoshop 6!

Several solutions apply:
SilverFast TWAIN will not close after scan, except in PS6
SilverFast Plug-in: click on Option button (a new Dialog opens)and in this dialog in the General card you tic the checkbox "reopen SF after scan"
SilverFast TWAIN in PS6 will not have the possibilty to reopen up to SF ver. 5.5.2r02(Win/Mac).

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