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What function is behind the button "WEB Update"?


This button will launch the SilverFast update Wizard. If you start this Wizard (click on the "NEXT"-button) this applet will automatically check the SilverFast download web site whether a newer SilverFast version is available for Download.
When a newer version is available the Wizard will display all appropriate information about that new version and it lets the user decide whether to download that new version or not. Click the "NEXT"-button and the download starts right away

However, the download alone does NOT update the current SilverFast version automatically. The new version's installation setup was downloaded to the computer's desktop. The actual update installation must be started manually (double click on the installer setup when SilverFast and it's host application are closed).

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Explanation of this button.


This button opens a general SilverFast splash screen which has two functions:
showing contact addresses and offering the INFO button to bring you to the next screen. This screen gives information on two things:
1. serialization details, giving details about the serialization status and the owner of this copy
2. giving information on who programmed the software
This screen offers the serialization respectively the update button to bring you to the SilverFast serialization dialog

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