SilverFast 6.6

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SilverFast Product Family
Features and functional differences
SilverFast file reader versions
Imaging software, independent of hardware (scanner, camera or printer)
SilverFast scanner versions
Scansoftware for specific scanner
CorrectionHDR StudioAi Studio
multiexposure_31x25pixMultiExposure® (optional, hardware depending) 
(optional, hardware depending)
multisampling_31x25pixMultisampling: with pixel alignment / hardware based  /
iSRD_31x25pixiSRD®, infrared Smart Removal of Defects, unlimited dialogue (hardware depending) 
Color ManagementHDR StudioAi Studio
it8targetauto_31x25pixIT8-Calibration (Auto IT8 with 6.5.0r6): included / optional / -- /
(hardware depending)
kodachrome_31x25pixKodachrome profile embedded (depending on scanner - please check homepage) 
Logo_Printer-Calibration_31x25pxPrinter-Calibration (optional with 6.6.0r1; only in combination with IT8-Calibration possible) 
(optional, hardware depending)
Printing FeaturesHDR StudioAi Studio
Print options: simple / PrinTao (simple mode with copy function) / PrinTao (enhanced print option with layout functionalities) / - / - / - /
photoproof_31x25pixPhotoProof®, always optional 
ProductivityHDR StudioAi Studio
sf_alignment_31x25pixAuto frame alignment and rotation 
colorserver_31x25pixHot-Folder (optional)
colorserver_31x25pixColorServer (optional)
Supported Input/Output FormatsHDR StudioAi Studio
RAW_31x25pixRAW data formats of supported cameras 
Adobe® DNG input format 
HDRi_31x25pix64 Bit HDRi TIFF (only with scanners supporting iSRD)