New NegaFix function in SilverFast Ai (English)

Kiel, Germany, 1999-04-08 - LaserSoft Imaging - the German specialist for imaging, introduces SilverFast Ai negative function The new negative function in SilverFast SilverFast's new negative function pioneers a new way in scanner technology. Now it offers the possibilty to choose from different films and to perform precision adjustments of the various film types. Only two steps are generally sufficient to obtain good results. Following the characteristic of all other SilverFast functions the user doesn't fully depend on the results of automated working steps in the software, instead the user has the option to manually interfere after each working step. The developers latest efforts come to light in the creation of the film profiles, where the revolutionary idea of balancing alterations in quality - which are due to exposure or film development - with the help of a sliding button is one example. We are working on a tool that allows the creation of user defined profiles, enabling to practically calibrate individual films.

LaserSoft Imaging AG introduces SilverFast Ai HDR 4 (English)

Kiel, Germany, 1999-03-01 - LaserSoft Imaging - the German specialist for imaging, introduces SilverFast Ai version 4 LaserSoft Imaging has been involved in fundamental research into the principles of the optimum usLaserSoft Imaging - the German specialist for imaging - introduces SilverFast Ai HDR version 4 What does HDR mean? HDR stands for "High Dynamic Range". SilverFast(HDR) does not drive a scanner, instead it works with the data of all scanners. Scanner data can be 24 bit RGB Tiff uncompressed and JPEG compressed or 48 bit RGB TIFF uncompressed or Photoshop native format. Advantage of Image Processing with SilverFast(HDR) The advantage of SilverFast (HDR) lies in the fact that only a scanner with simple software is needed, since the scan contains the full dynamic range of the scanner - that is why only scan resolution and scan frame have to be defined. No special knowledge to perform the scan is required. Raw image data that has been saved to disk can be loaded into SilverFast(HDR) at a later time and immediately be processed (HDR uses the preview like a virtual scanner). When working with HDR, the user can take advantage of all known SilverFast features that optimize images into RGB-TIFF, LAB or CMYK and save them to his hard disk. The production with SilverFast (HDR) follows these steps: 1. Generation of raw data with the scanner through simple software 2. Optimizing (processing) of raw data with HDR at a later time, independent of the scanner. Because of the preview concept of SilverFast (HDR), there is no need to load the full resolution image data - only what is needed for the preview has to be loaded. This assures comfortable and fast processing (real time), which, combined with the color management, guarantees best image quality and color precision. SilverFast(HDR) is available as a Photoshop Plug-in and a Twain Plug-in for both platforms (Mac and PC). SilverFast supports the latest standard of color Management (Mac: ColorSync 2.5, Win98: ICM 2.0).

SilverFast Ai 4.0 released (English)

Kiel, Germany, 1999-02-20 - LaserSoft Imaging - the German specialist for imaging, introduces SilverFast Ai version 4 LaserSoft Imaging has been involved in fundamental research into the principles of the optimum user interface of complex systems and has applied the new findings to SilverFast Ai version 4: 1. Maximum flexibility of the user interface, so the operator can have maximum adjustment to his working environment. For example, SilverFast now allows the controls to be moved to a second monitor, permitting the preview to be enlarged to the full size of the first monitor. 2. ScanPilot automatically guides the user step by step to the brilliant image, but still enables the user at any step to carry out his individual corrections. This approach secures the correct operation right from the start without limiting the creative freedom of the user. 3. All operations are applied in "real time", allowing the user to immediately see the changes and also learn the correct operation of the software. Because of the preview concept, all unwanted modifications can be undone on the fly. The three major principles of user interface can be regarded as pace making for current and future complex systems, says Karl-Heinz Zahorsky, President of LaserSoft Imaging. To bridge the know-how differences between the novice and the professional user, the two-level user interface has been implemented. The novice user is assisted by the intelligent auto-adjusts of the Ai (artificial intelligence) while the professional may work with scientific precision via numerical input and monitoring exact values with the densitometer. He can also use all of the professional instruments well known with high end systems; e.g. gradation, selective color correction, unsharp masking and separation. SilverFast has integrated the latest standard of color management. Like Photoshop 5.0, SilverFast allows the user to define and match input, internal, and output color spaces using ICC profiles. An automatic two-way integration with the internal working color space of Photoshop 5.0 secures highest precision when working with Photoshop. With a new feature called embedding profiles, applications like Photoshop will automatically adjust imported files to the internal working color space. This ensures the best possible workflow.