SilverFast Softproof
Proofing with different combinations of printing plates is a traditional method of verifying the effect of the 4-color separations. SilverFast simulates the traditional proof and its combinations. Here is an overview of the very powerful Softproof options of SilverFast Ai and its Densitometer palette accordingly:

1. Original (CMYK)

2. CMY (3-colors, no black plate) This combination shows the effect without the black plate and will depend on the effcts of UCR and GCR.

3. Single plates (CMYK) - The traditional separation plates

4. 2-Colors combined with black (2C +K)

5. 1-Color combined with black (1C+K)

6. 2-colors (2C)

SilverFast Highlights

ICC Printer Calibration improved!
ICC Printer Calibration

Frame Detection improved!
Auto Frame

Kodachrome new!
Many features

USM improved!
Unsharp Masking

AutoFrame Alignment improved!
Rotate your images automatically to be horizontally aligned.

iSRD® improved!
Scratch removal

HDRi new!
HDR + infrared data

Multi-Exposure® improved!
More image details

Hot-Folder new!
Image processing in batch mode

more highlights